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Deals for physical stores. Deals for Online stores! Get the deals near you. It shows you deals suitable to your interest in a timely way. As a merchant, you can create and distribute deals at will. You can create deals that flash within a certain distance from you even for times as short as 15 minutes. As a consumer, this can help you spot timely deals near you for things you are interested in. Features: It helps in getting the nearest deals to your current location, it also helps you in navigating through maps with directions. Search facility to find the deals of interest based on categories, geos. Create your deals to make them available to customers instantly on their mobiles. Attract customers to your physical store.You can create a store and start making your coupons instantly available to your customers. You can create coupons for cashback, discounts or free goodies. Users can share, rate/like the deals helping merchants and their local users benefit from their experience. Deals can be found in categories of interest as well as in specific geos. Store creation allows both online and brick-and-mortar stores. You can create multiple branches for your store so you may create coupons for those geographies. Permission Requested: Location - To serve the best deals near to your location. Camera - To take photos of your store/coupon for display. Push notification - Delivering you the exciting offers, coupons. Storage - For storing your store & coupons photos so it can be available readily.

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